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We design, engineer, program, install, and maintain smart business and home automation technology and commercial control systems. We provide integrated control systems and automation comprised of audio, video, lighting, shading, climate control, energy and power management, networking, phone, door access control,  and security components. Our experience covers all aspects of your IT requirements from Networking to Website and Web systems. With our extensive experience, customer focused approach, and high quality of service, we make it easy for you to experience all the benefits of customized technology solutions. From our Aspen-Snowmass base in Colorado we service many resort communities in Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado. 


Our mission is to use innovative technological solutions to create an artistic mood with light, sound, special effects, and video. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance and delivering solutions for all electronics systems within their residential or commercial space. Our mission is to create artistic ambiance and mood and high impact visual and sound presentations. 


Night Clubs

Robust sound systems for nightclubs enhancing the sound delivery with distributed video and custom programed lighting. Our specialty is building a powerful professional club experience with light, sound, video and custom special effects. Our POS systems, and networking and cabling services tie all these systems together.

Dancing Clubs

For Dance Clubs and Discos, we create custom programed light shows to feature dance areas and create a powerful presentation. Sound systems that are clear and well designed, as well as distributed video solutions. We design and deploy point of sales systems with TOAST. We provide cloud-controlled surveillance solutions.

Ultra Lounges

Ultra lounges are usually a bit smaller and more subdued than a night club. Picture a cigar bar or a more social meeting area. Still lighting systems, Video Systems, and Audio systems are in play in this environment. The lighting is especially deployed as well as POS, Video Security, wiring and networking services.

Bars Restaurants

Lighting systems, Multiple TV distribution, Audio delivery systems. We also set up the network wiring and create and maintain the local NOC, network operations center. We design and install custom POS point of sale TOAST systems. We create mesh WIFI, Access control, surveillance, name branding, and website development.

Worship AV

We provide Audio, Video, Lighting, Streaming and Broadcasting services for Houses of Worship, Synagogues, Churches, Temples, Chapels. We assist them in creating digital live productions of their services. Setup and training in creating mixed AV streams for broadcast and later viewing. We also provide Website services and Security and Access Control.

Public Buildings

Theaters, Museums, Galleries, Public buildings, meeting places, and transportation hubs are all potential customers for custom lighting, audio and video distribution. We create custom lighting, audio and video delivery for public viewing places. We create light art and high impact visual lighting presentations and programing to deliver a high impact positive response.

Public Spaces

We create artistic lighting and audio video in public spaces like walkways, bridges, iconic buildings, meeting areas and structures. Programed colored light shows and well-designed audio and video signage with special effects makes a visually and sound pleasing experience and creates a the perfect seasonal mood that can be dynamically programed.

Business Spaces

We assist businesses in creating pro lighting, audio, and video presentations for their customers. Outdoor lighting presentations, walkway area lighting presentations, front desk and show room lighting, audio, and video design, and installation. Our professionally programmed lighting and AV displays present your business and products in the best light.

Retail Spaces

Analytics By Design based in Aspen Colorado provides retail venders services in creating the best lighting systems to feature their products. We create audio systems to create a custom sound delivery. We use Video displays to create digital signage with multiple screens and single screen delivery. All about creating the perfect mood and presentation.


We create high impact showrooms for product dealerships like car, boat, Sports Equipment, and RV dealers in a static location or portable stage system. We use Lighting, Audio, Effects, and Video delivery to create the ultimate stage ambiance to feature your product. Stages can be built to be portable for tradeshows and field displays or on your property.


Smart Homes with Lighting, Audio, Video, Mesh WIFI, Cabling, Surveillance, and Access Control. Our experience provides a strong technical design background, with an artistic approach to deliver the perfect lighting, Sound, and Video ambiance for your home. Our Surveillance and Cloud Door Access Control systems protect your family and property

Home Theater

Let Analytics By Design in Aspen Colorado design and install your Home Theater System to your custom specifications. Analytics by Design uses Lighting, Audio, and Video Delivery to create the perfect presentation. Light colors and programing, Audio speaker systems, Special effects, and Video or Projection Systems are key components in your theater.


Lighting Systems and Design

We are experienced in lighting system design and programing to create the perfect visual ambiance. Providing an artistic approach to delivery of lighting and effects. We mix interior design, special effects, and modern LED lighting techniques to deliver a spectacular light show to complement your Audio and Video presentation.

Audio Systems and Design

We design and install distributed audio systems for homes and businesses. We assist in choosing the best speakers, amplifiers, mixers, microphones, software programs, and all necessary equipment and cabling required for your application. Our hardware advice is proven, and our experience helps dial in the perfect audio delivery.

Multi Video Distribution

Video distribution for business in this case is to distribute TV, MEDIA to multiple digital screens. Video to many digital screens to create a much larger digital signage screen. Distributing TV and MEDIA to multiple TVs. Digital video storage and delivery systems. No matter the application we are seasoned in delivering custom video solutions.

Commercial Point of Sale

We design, install, and configure TOAST brand POS Point of Sale Systems. Our POS partner TOAST is a proven leader in POS systems. We assess you hardware needs, order and deploy your system. TOAST provides excellent tech support and services, cost effective hardware options, and make a great partner for your POS needs.

Networking WIFI Cloud Systems

We offer cloud controlled mesh WIFI design and installation to broadcast WIFI across your properties. Our mesh WIFI will connect devices to the same network from multiple WIFI broadcast points and multiple physical locations. Monitor traffic and use from the cloud software to control all devices connected digitally to the network.

Cloud Video Surveillance

No subscription cloud-based surveillance services for your business. Protection for theft, slip and fall, police Investigations all require businesses to record and store video for surveillance. We offer multiple solutions tailored to your needs and budget. We design, install, program, fine tune the systems for triggering, and light.

Network Cabling NOC Install

We install audio cable, distributed video cable, network cable Cat6 and fiber. Each location is different for cable runs, all cables are terminated at the NOC Network Operations Center in the building, and all cables are labeled well and organized. Internet, Network Routers, and Video Systems are in the temperate controlled NOC.

Door Access Control Systems

Our modern access control systems include keypad entry, Id Card Entry, Smart Phone Entry, Fingerprint reader entry, and can add video communication capability. This can all managed from a cloud-based computer access control software to create an intelligent electronic security solution for your business or home.

Cloud Voice Systems

Cloud-based phone system that does not require any physical hardware other than the phones. This serves well for both traveling employees and businesses with multiple locations all over the world. A cloud phone system is just like a traditional phone system and offers call transfer, extension dialing, conference calling, and more.

Public Streaming Studio Mixing

Public Streaming & Studio Mixing systems and training is provided. Record and mix worship services, theater productions, or live music. The process mixes Video & Audio sources to create a broadcast that can be recorded and streamed to TV, WEB, and ROKU. Broadcast in real-time or store digitally for viewing on-demand from your website.

Website - Web Systems - SEO

We provide professional website development and support. Long-term full-service contracts at a flat annual price. We provide graphically pleasing well-designed sites. Custom Systems, Search Engine Optimization and AI services. Hosting, SSL, Backups, Marketing, Organic SEO, and Hacker protection are part of our full-services.

Digital Branding and Marketing

We create Digital Branding using Local Live Webcam Streams. The Video feeds are branded with your logos. The Streams can be syndicated across News Outlets, ROKU, TV Productions, and WEB bringing NAME RECOGNITION to your business brand. Local TVs can broadcast the live streams as digital signage for a big impact.

Project Portfolio

A completed installation by us under use with David Guetta & Cedric Gervais

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Whether it is a business or residential application we would be happy to talk to you about your project. We can bring your vision to life or create something new with Lighting, Audio, Video, and special effects. We provide full IT services for Network wiring, Mesh WIFI, Point of Sale, Cloud Video Surveillance, Live Mixed Media Streaming, and Website development.